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R4 Upgrade 1.27!! 2

A Litle Upgrade for R4 SDHC/Upgrade user =3

It fixes many problems like Freeze,Save bugs and many others
Pokemon White/Black playable
Super Scribblenauts playable
Fifa 11 bugs resolved
Sims 3 bug rsolved
and many games more

7.4 MB Cheat base FILE!!!!! Cheats for
All Pokemon Edition (Perl/Diamant/Platin/Soul Silver 7 Heart Gold/ Black / white)
All Mario parts (Super Mario/ Super Mario 64 / MArio Kart / Mario inside Bowser)
All Final Fantasy
All Megaman parts (ZX/ZX Advent /Zero/Starforce/Battle Network)
Rune Factory 2
Harvest Moon 2
All Naruto games
One Piece
and really much more
(Carefull some cheats can break or freeze the game if they used to much in a row or insane)
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