PS1 Forwarder Creator 1.7.3

create your own virtual console like ps1 titles

  1. dumb things happen

    - i'm dumb and broke cia creation for pbp, hopefully it's fixed now.
  2. quick fix

    - reworked sbi support, it should work with single disc pbp now.
    - removed debug message used to test sbi support (oops).
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  3. chd is here

    - added chd support.
    - exposed more emulator options.
    - added emulation settings presets.
    - added sbi support (for libcrypt games).
    - show touch buttons is now enabled by default.
    - clean temporary files immediately after using them to reduce free space needed to create large cias.
    - updated 3dstool and makerom.
    - also removed ctrtool (not needed anymore).
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  4. now 100% more controllable

    - fixed psxonpsp660.bin bios detection.
    - and the hle bios too.
    - adjusted smdh flags to hide the "save backup data" option on the 3ds menu as it isn't supported.
    - "core disk options" was still being displayed when navigating the menu, changed to "change disc".
    - changed "open/close disc tray" to "open/close lid".
    - removed option to set circlepad as dpad.
    - allow remapping controls from the forwarder itself.
    - added touch buttons to compensate for the missing L3/R3 buttons.
    - added...
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