Promotion Textures Patch (3.1) 2019-01-17

An update to YiannisG's Textures Patch that includes textures to 11 more classes

  1. Mathcat
    (Ripped from the README file)
    This patch was made to fix the fact that in Fire Emblem Fates, that not all units get unique
    outfits upon promotion. This was an issue in Awakening as well which really fuckin' bugged me. It
    gave a sense that the creators had canon promotions in mind for certain characters, which would
    affect which classes I chose for promotion. Not only that, but some characters would get unique
    armor and colors in both promoted classes, yet a lot of characters wouldn't get any at all, which
    would affect the units I would take with me. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm a firm believer of
    the canon being up to the player in those two games. Why give so many options if you're not going to
    program them all, you know? This patch was made to fix that so now you can feel free to promote your
    units to whatever class you want for them. That, and there's a bunch of stuff I put in there for
    funsies like models from Awakening (like Rhajat getting Tharja's stuff, etc.).
    Change log:
    Patch notes for verison 3.1 (AKA Mathcat's first update)
    New Texture Edit Additions (in order of that character's first edit post-3.0):
    -Dark Falcon
    -Dark Mage
    -Dark Mage
    -Songstress (only accesible through save editing/hacking)
    -Swordmaster (was in 3.0 but wasn't mentioned in changelog)
    -Dark Falcon
    -Fighter (was in 3.0 but wasn't mentioned in changelog)
    -Ninja (was in 3.0 but wasn't mentioned in changelog)
    -Cavalier (was in 3.0 but wasn't mentioned in changelog)
    -Dark Falcon
    Other Changes:
    -Odin's headband charm has been removed from his samurai tree of classes. (For aesthetic purposes; you can revert this by modifying ROM3.lz)
    -Felicia and Hana now have white pauldrons for their swordmaster textures.
    -Added a README addendum.txt
    -Added a .txt file that lays out which directory you should install files to based on your game version.
    -F!Corrin's Diviner should work properly now. (YiannisG made a typo in ROM3.lz)
    -Felicia's Swordmaster uBody updated to look cleaner.