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Pokemon PureCrystal 1.1

requires: a clean Heart Gold(U) or Soul Silver(U) rom

higher level wild pokemon
new pokemon scattered throughout the game
no more weak wild pokemon in kanto
some level up move edits
no need to trade for evolutions
rt. 34 now has wild baby pokemon running around
increased trainer difficulty
pichu can learn some special moves...
rival now have different starter pokemon from different generations as well as brand new teams created to match them
some pokemon now have secondary types (shinx, starly, magby, elekid) among others

special thanks to alpha and SCV for creating PPRE which was used for a majority of this hack

if you would like certain pokemon inserted into the game in any way (rock smash, grass, hoenn/sinnoh sound, surf, fishing) just post it here or pm me

thanks for the help -Suaqua

p.s. this is much harder than the original game especially the gym leaders and rival battles also there are a couple of glitches I need help on which are some pokemon learn random moves when leveling up (magmortar, electivire) and when you see suicune in cianwood it just goes up and down the screen than stays in place than you see the text that chuck's wife says after you beat him
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