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Pokemon Platinum: Enhanced Edition (New2)

You can show your support for PPEE by putting this banner in your signature (or anywhere else): (http://) Thanks to MiKeMiTchi ![/b]DSTT users with trouble, you might want to read this specific but unconfirmed bugs (might not appear for everyone!):* Entering contests not possible (crashes the game)* When Nuzleaf evolves, the game crashes* Sprite (and probably more?) glitches with Shiftry and Seedot* Looker minor sprite glitch in Jubilife City* Entering Wii number doesn't work?* Rock Peak Ruins = black space only? If you encounter this bug, use Dig or the Escape Rope to get out there again. Sorry I have no idea how to fix this.It is possible that I'll never fix these bugs due to lack of knowledge or time.PLEASE READ THE README.txt AS WELL AS THE READ+PATCH.bat FILE! To prevent things going wrong, I advise anyone using a MD5 filesum checker.Pok

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