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Pokemon HG/SS Competitive Saves 1.1

These are Pokemon HG/SS Save files that I whipped up myself.

-Each contain 2 copies of all 493 pokemon (One Normal/One Shiny)

-Some Pokemon have differing movesets between their normal and shiny versions

-Not all are completely legal (Eg Shiny Legendaries, etc), however most are as legal as I can make them

-None are legit, they were all made in Pokesav. However I again tried to make them legal as possible.

-4 Arcues are in your party in each save, one Normal, one Shiny and two shiny ones as HM slaves (No EV's, Straight 31 IV's)

-All have competitive movesets, IV spreads, and EV's

-If you are going to use these on Wifi, please change the OT name, ID, SID and if you so desire to the gender of both the trainer and the trainer info on each pokemon (You'll need to change all of the Shinies back to shiny again after this because altering the OT name, ID, and Secret ID seems to cause them to lose that shinyness. I can't force you to not do this or even force you not to use these on Wifi, but I ask you as a favor to do this!

-All pokemon's names are in English, no I will not go back and change them all to Japanese. This whole project took me 4-7 days straight, mkay?

-I will not customize this save just for you

-I will not convert the save type just for you, use shunnywebs save converter.

-I am not going to make a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum save, period. So if you are looking for a version of this for those versions tough luck.

Other than that enjoy fellow GBATempers! ^w^d

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