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~Pokemon Diamond - Mystery Gift

There are codes here for Diamond and Pearl, there are 3 of them, one is for The Member Card, one is for Oak's Letter, and one is for The Azure Flute. To use them, go to just OUTSIDE any POKEMART and hold L+R, keep holding L+R as you go in, if the game is going slower than normal that's good. A man in green should be by the counter. DO NOT LET GO OF L+R JUST YET!!! Talk to the man and he'll say he has a gift for you.If you wish to edit this code, you can but be warned!!!, do not use more than one of them at a time unless you change the wondercard, mystery gift and active ids. They are all set to 1 so if you use more that 1 your game will crash!!!!Enjoy!!! Please leave comments, this is my first Cheat File, ;-).P.S: I made this with Pokesav...

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