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POkemon Deathly Diamond

This is my first ever hack so it may be glitchy;You Can Now Catch All 493 Pokemon In Certain Areas;The Starter Pokemon Are Now Squirtle,Treecko, Cyndaquil;The Sprites Have Been Changed;You Can Get The Membercard, Azure flute And Oak's Letter with in-game trading;You have a new rival;Your old rival is now Roark;Please Comment if there are any problems;Cynthia is now Dawn;Dawn is now the champion;Professer Rowan is now a pikachu due to an accident in the lab ^^;If anyone could give me a link to a tutorial for using thenewpoketext or even tell me how to do it,please do.EXTRACTING:To Extract use WinRar and then right click and then extract here.PATCH:To apply the patch, put a clean rom of Pokemon Diamond.nds in the deathly diamond folder. Then OpenxDelta GUI, then click select patch and select "Deathly Diamond.patch" and then select the rom("Pokemon Diamond.nds").Then it should patch ;)Thankyou For Downloading, Monsta316
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