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Pogoshell 2.0b3 mod5 5.10

Pogoshell is a file manager for the Gameboy Advance. Really, that's an oversimplification. Pogoshell also includes a much better save management system than most flash cart frontends provide. Another big feature is plug-ins, a system of loading files through an association system. Finally, Pogoshell supports a theming system, offering a much more customable interface.

With the development of Pogoshell v2.0b4, official development of Pogoshell has stalled. While there was a Subversion archive setup with work towards, assumedly, a v2.0b5, the work was never completed towards an official release and doesn't properly work when simply compiled. With v2.0b4's source unavailable, I decided to continue work using v2.0b3's source. So far, this has meant merging in some changes from the Subversion archive, changing theme support in many ways, and removing a few limitations to things like file listings. For a more complete list of new features, look below. Note, internal mod player support had to be removed, as the license for it required permission to redistribute, and I personally didn't want to require others to ask permission to make their own forks.
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