PixelFixer for NDS and DS2 1.0

  1. BassAceGold
    What it does:
    It flashes the screen in different colors, hopefully to unstuck some pixels.

    Install for NDS(requires ARGV support):
    -copy PixelFixer.nds to sd card, anywhere

    Install for DS2:
    Using Menus with ARGV support (iMenu, BAGPlug, etc):
    -copy PixelFixer.plg and pixelFixer.asm to sd card (must be same folder)
    -run PixelFixer.plg

    Using Standard Plugin Menu:
    -copy PixelFixer.plg and pixelFixer.asm to the _dstwoplug folder
    -run PixelFixer.plg

    -Press R to swap screens
    -Press Start to end program (DS2 can exit back to menu)

    The source is the pixelFixer.asm file that comes in the DS2 folder, it can be viewed
    with a standard text editor. With the DS2 version, people can make their own changes, like adding more
    colors, or modifying the existing ones by editing the source code.

Recent Reviews

  1. CrazyMaxx
    Version: 1.0
    I try it out to make my Screen from Dsixl normal after I play in past few times nesds :)