pFBA 3.4

pFBA is a fork of FBA, an arcade and consoles emulator which run neogeo, cps1, cps2, cps3... arcade

  1. pFBA version 3.4

    • pfba: add spectrum hardware roms filter
    • pfba: fix spectrum roms not detected/handled correctly
    • pfba: fix crash on some roms (Forgotten Worlds cps1, gaiapols...)
    • pfba: remove now unnecessary force 50hz option
    • pfba: update fba to latest git (2019-03-28)
    • psnes: update to latest snes9x git (2019-03-28)
    • psnes: fix save states loading
    • psnes: use bigger font size for menus
    • psnes: fix crash in some games (cool world...)
    • psnes/pnes: fix uppercase roms not detected...
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  2. pFBA version 3.3

    • pfba: fix "FORCE_60HZ" option not always applied
    • pfba: neogeo: fix bios selection, add unibios 3.3 support (needs "uni-bios_3_3.rom" in
    • pfba: neogeo: use "COINS + FIRE3" for service switch, "COINS + FIRE4" for "P1/P2" switch (this leave START for in-game unibios menus (
    • pfba: fix audio interpolations options
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  3. pFBA version 3.1

    - skins: use zipped skins (put zipped skins in "skins" directory)
    - skins: add skin selection to main options menu
    - skins: change "skin" path to "skins"
    - skins: change "ROM_ITEM" name/type to "TEXT"
    - skins: add "color_missing", "color_not_working" and "highlight_use_text_color" options to "ROM_LIST > TEXT" skin config
    - options menu: set states options menu at the first place, for easier in game access
    - states menu: fix bug to return to main menu with back button
    - states: allow loading...