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Pasky's CWCheat Database Editor 2.0

Edit the database files used by CWCheat.

- User friendly interface, small footprint.

- Fully supports PSP and POPs codes.

- Easily add and edit CWcheat database codes.

- Supports CWcheat POPs codes (Switch to POPs mode in the 'configure' menu).

- Easily create and joker any existing codes.

- Condensed Code creator.

- 'Quick Paste' codes to existing database.

- Multi-Code creator (similar to a code condenser but not quite, read the help file for more info).

- Built-in PEC Database converter ( for gameshark codes.

- Automatically install the latest versions of CWcheat for you on your PSP (will overwrite database files, be sure to back them up first).

- Automatically download the latest official CWcheat database and open it for editing.

- Built-in hexadecimal calculator and base converter (decimal to hex and vice-versa).

- Sort your databases alphabetically using the 'Sort' button

- 'Enabled by default codes' are highlighted in yellow (color configurable through the 'configure' menu)

- Hotkeys if you don't like right clicking.:
F1 - Open Help File.
F2 - Add Game
F3 - Add Codename
F4 - Add Code
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