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Paradise 1.3

This will eventually be a different skin (Paradise 2) to the original. At the moment they both look very much the same, as it is in early stages.If you have any comments or critique, feel free to post in the comments section below so I can view them later.Changelog:1.3-Changed the font in these things from Calibri to Fonce Sans:-The screensaverSetup_BG_TopFL_BG_TopMsgCustom_TopMsgLaunchBG_TopLaunch_Tab0_LaunchLaunch_Tab1_NDSAll the double slide icons-Updated the scrollbar and buttons. 1.1-Added some colour tweaks that got left out1.0-Everything else added!0.4-Double slide icons complete-Various fixes/tweaks-A few additions0.2-Minor fixes-Fixed the scroll bar0.1-Initial ReleaseI will update this page as necessary.

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