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Pandora PicoDrive 1.0

This is not what I originally intended to release, but as I figured that my vision is taking ages to materialize I'm releasing what I have. This is built from the latest core code that is capable of 32x and SMS (with lots of internal changes from last Wiz version), but I had to disable 32x/SMS support as they are not really usable (hence the 'beta' tag). So current known issues are:

* no 32x/sms yet
* no smooth scrolling in pal/50hz mode (still need add this to kernel/firmware)
* forced vsync because of double buffering, so no way to disable frame limiter (again need to patch kernel)
* occasional sound glitches (also firmware problem)
* no use of hardware scaler yet (needs work)

That aside, Genesis/MegaDrive support should be solid, also Sega/Mega CD (needs BIOS in /pandora/appdata/PicoDrive/ directory).


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