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OpenTTD DS Alpha 6

QUOTE(Changelog)based on r12452 (internal rev1926)the NDS port now has a different toolbar, more suitable for the small screenfor better access with the touchscreen the toolbars have been moved to the bottom screena fully customizable on-screen keyboard has been added (click on a text field to open it)a newsticker display on the lower screen has been addedsome windows have been adapted for the NDS screen (more will follow in future releases):intro menugame creation menuminimapbuild vehicle windowwhen building depots and stations only one preview image is shown which you can rotate by clicking on itinformation regarding accepted cargo when building a station is displayed as icons nowswitching screens (left shoulder button L) now only switches the windowsmany windows (e.g. confirmation dialogs) are now centered on the bottom screenthe amount of free ram (in kb) is displayed in the middle of the status bar. This is only a temporary change to help with tracking down a memory leakadditionally you can view some memory information by pressing the B buttonalways use new global pathfinder (NPF). the original TTD pathfinder crashes due to too many recursionsfixed loading screen glitch

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