NX Shell v1.10

Multipurpose file manager for the Nintendo Switch

  1. Joel16

    NX-Shell is a multi purpose file manager (a port of 3DS's 3DShell) for the Nintendo Switch. NX-Shell allows a variety of functions for the switch such as:

    • Deleting files and folders.
    • Copying/Moving files and folders.
    • Rename files and folders.
    • Create folders.
    • Displays file size. (files only ATM)
    • Image viewer (PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP)
    • Extract .ZIP files. (support for more archives in the future)
    • Sorting options (Sort by name, date, size).
    • Dark theme toggle.
    • Audio playback. (Following formats are supported: MP3, OGG, WAV and MOD)
    • Touch screen.
    • Ebook reader. (PDF and other epubs like cbz).
    screen1.jpg screen2.jpg screen3.jpg screen4.jpg
    Change log:
    - Make use of the GPU hardware acceleration.
    - Switch to internal FS functions to display directory list.
    - Added config version to config files - If a new version is found where the config file needs to be changed, it will automatically be deleted and regenerated.
    - Replaced the executable icon with something more dark theme friendly.
    - Local time is now supported.
    - Displays file permissions in properties.
    - Display storage bar for current mounted device. (some devices/mount points don't have this)
    - Allow user to browse other user partitions from menu bar. (Very little can be done at this time, since it seems FS functions are locked out of using them).
    - Lock applet during write/cut/copy/delete processes.
    - Added a "More..." button in file options.
    - Added a "Refresh" button refresh directory list.
    - Added a "New file" button to create an empty file.
    - Added a button to set archive bit on checked directories or currently highlighted/selected directories. - This
    feature is a work in progress. Don't use this with any important directories unless you know what you're
    doing. This feature can only be accessed if "Developer options" is enabled.
    - Added a new options in Settings called "Developer options". If this toggle is set, any FS function that fails to execute properly will be logged in a file called debug.log, which can be found in /switch/NX-Shell/debug.log.
    - Wrap CWD display if it gets too long.
    - Improve book reader controls in landscape mode (Right stick right/left should zoom in/out in landscape mode)
    - Fix last saved directories not properly being read due to having spaces in their names.
    - Fix automatic scroll when selecting a checkbox.
    - Fix exit key (PLUS) in music player, image viewer and settings.
    - Book reader no longer displays status bar after every page. Only displayed during zooming or if screen is touched in the middle or outside touch area depending on the orientation.
    - Many under the hood changes.
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Recent Reviews

  1. JamzOJamz
    Version: v1.10
    It's great! But... it advertises RAR and ZIP extraction although neither have worked for me. I get an "archive_read_open_filename" error whenever I try to extract.
  2. hallo23
    Version: v1.10
    Great app!
    Stable, functional und looks good.
  3. Jayro
    Version: v1.05
    Excellent work on this, especially the music player.
  4. Slim45
    Version: v1.05