NKit v1.3

NKit :: Recover to Redump Images :: Shrink and Preserve Wii and GameCube Disc Images as Playable

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    NKit is a Nintendo ToolKit that can Recover and Preserve Wii and GameCube disc images

    Recovery is the ability to rebuild source images to match the known good images verified by Redump

    Preserve is the ability to shrink any image and convert it back to the source iso

    NKit can convert to ISO and NKit format. The NKit format is designed to shrink an image to it's smallest while ensuring it can be restored back to the original source data. NKit images are also playable by Dolphin
    Change log:
    Version 1.3
    - Added RVT-H Detection. This is not currently supported - An error is thrown and logged
    - Fixed NkitReencode. It was always reencoding and not copying the NKit file when converting nkit.iso <-> nkit.gcz
    - Fixed Verify not outputting any log detail messages e.g. When a removed Update Partition is required to verify and was not present - no message was output, it just failed
    - Moved the SummaryLog to the Processed folder rather than the app folder to make it more obvious
    - Added settings home support. ~ at the start of a Path will insert the user's home directory (all OSs)
    - Revert To .Net 4.6.1 - mono wasn't handling 4.7.2 very well. The app well be ported to dotnet core 3 soon
    - ProcessorApp: Added failure message to log errors (same as cmldline exe output)
    - ProcessorApp: Disabled the checkbox for 'Remove and Preserve Wii Update Partitions' when Recovering or Converting to iso
    - ProcessorApp: Fixed checkbox for 'Remove and Preserve Wii Update Partitions' not being set on app load
    - ProcessorApp: Fixed progress .1.2.3... text alignment in the log output
    - ProcessorApp: Fixed the output log being truncated when a partition ID contained a null char

    There should be no breaking changes or conversion difference for any previously successfully verified images. Please report any issues.

    Version 1.2
    - Updated to .Net 4.7.2 (Preparation for long file name support)
    - Added support for images that a file ends on a non 4 byte alignment (for 1 shrunk GC demo)
    - Added support for images that have no Magic (default to GC - for 1 GC early system disc)
    - Fixed the ExtractionApp GC Region always showing Japan
    - Corrected NKitExtracted path in config
    - Added missing Wii Jakers config entry
    - Fixed Double "Truncated RVT-R" message
    - Fixed ProcessorApp Gui Exception not being captured
    - Fixed Drag Drop message being cleared when a non supported file is dropped
    - Modified some public class accessibility to make them internal

    There should be no breaking changes or conversion difference for any previously successfully verified images. Please report any issues.

    Version 1.1
    - NKit format fix: Fixed a bug when converting Wii to NKit. This was introduced during the last 2 days of development while adding support for a Customs preservation bug.

    - Fixed a minor ProcessingApp bug where the output path would be used.

    Any Converted NKit Wii images from v1.0 are not corrupt. Just not 100% correct to the format. Reconverting will correct the issue.

    Version 1.0
    A lot of effort has gone in to ensuring this version is as stable and reliable as possible. The NKit Format is stable and reliable. Always use FullVerify as it's always accurate as are the Hashes when CalculateHashes is on. Please report any issues and ask any questions.

    - Fixed a bug in the GC Format (This alters 12 of the GC Redump images - just reencode them if you verify against NKit dats)

    - Added Wii NKit Format (100% Redump tested, Scrubbed & Custom Support)

    - 2 Windows (Sorry Linux & Mac users) GUI Apps added, including file extraction

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