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Nebula 1.0

Skin Name: Nebula
Version: 1.0
Date: 07/18/2010
Author: Jurassicplayer
EZ Skin Forger - R86

V1.0 --- Initial release

I'll probably update this skin to also include extra skinnable things that may be added, hopefully with a
EZ-Flash Vi flashcart in hand.

You can contact me via PM at

Special Thanks to:
Mbmax - I would have never been able to finish it without your knowledge and testing.
Cheryl Natsu - For creating the easy to use EZ Skin Forger tool.
Normmatt - Without the videos you took, I would have never been able to align everthing without
burdening others.
Moonlight - For creating Moonshell2 and Moonshell, the base GUI of EZ-Flash flashcarts.
Carpfish - For creating a modified makeskin.exe that allows for compiling and decompiling the .dat skin file.
EZ-Flash Team - For creating the EZ-Flash series and having the GBATemp EZ-Flash skinning competition. - For being a great site that even Flashcart Teams recognize.
GIMP Team - For creating the amazing free image editor that I used for all of my image work.
Antoligy - For helping me decide whether to put the clock in the corner or under the game icon.
Urza - For helping me decide whether to connect the clock to the information dock or not.

All of the images within this skin noticably editted were made by me from scratch using GIMP.
While I don't mind if someone wants to use them for something, I ask that you please inform me what you are
using it for and possibly show me the finished product.

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