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my-MeloDS v.45by outphase and zoharmodifiermy-MeloDS (read: my melodies) is a piano-based music application for the purpose of ear training and basic composition. There are 4 modes: Free Mode, Ear Training Mode, Composition and Metronome.Free Mode---------This mode allows free play on the piano with no restrictions. Click the instrument name to change instruments.Ear Training Mode-----------------Here, you can take several tests to increase your ear training ability. Follow the instructions on the top screen to determine how to complete each test. Tests are scored right or wrong and have clear cut answers.Compostion Mode---------------You can create a simple melody using the notes provided. I got lazy and prevented a note overrun (tied notes), so you cannot place a note duration that does not fit a perfect measure in 4/4 time.KNOWN BUGS----------Text shows up strangely on slot 2 cards. Strange because we don't use DLDI or any hardware specific calls that we know of.TO DO-----Better Readme
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