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Multi-Mod-Manager 13.4

[MMM] Multi-Mod Manager - A easy to use, yet powerful tool for Wii users


* APP Manager to easily launch homebrew from SD card
* WAD Manager with faster batch operations and safety measures
* IOS Manager to check/install/delete/patch/dop IOS or custom IOS
* Manage Priiloader Hacks and switch to it or Wii System Menu
* Install Wii System Menu v4.x from Nintendo servers
* Install Wii Channels from Nintendo servers
* Install & Patch IOS36 to enable homebrew (express 1-click TBR)
* Remove stub IOS or unused Korean IOS
* Display boot2 version and information
* Display Wii system settings and more...
* Reload to any IOS via a easy-to-use selection menu
* Configurable by editing "sd:/mmmconfig.txt" file
* Real-time on-screen status and detail reports on all operations
* Clear and easy-to-understand user interface to a powerful tool
* Stable, compact and loadable from HBC, bannerbomb or as a channel
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