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Megaman Starforce 3(for undubbed)

as the title mentions these are codes with the game ID adjusted in order to account for if people applied the undub mod, which changed their game IDs.The codes are not mine.I found them here and then basically took DarkRyou's general format for my usrcheat.dat file and changed it around abit(and changed the game IDs).Within the rar file come two .cc files(which I typed out myself via the codes provided in the gbatemp forums), which,on my acekard 2, go in: root/__aio/cheats/cc/also provided is a usrcheat.dat file.this is a format readable by my card as well, and, based on my understanding, on a majority of other cards as well.I will also say this at the very end to anyone that decides to read this far...THESE CODES ARE MEANT TO BE USED ONLY IF THE UNDUB PATCH WAS APPLIED TO THE US RELEASE
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