Mega Man X4 (US) 2020-11-19

Ultimate Save File Pack!

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man X4.png
    Included here is a full set of four memory card files for Mega Man X4. Each file (clearly named) corresponds to a full game playthrough with the following:
    • X in his Fourth Armor
    • X in his Ultimate Armor
    • Zero in his default red appearance
    • Zero in his secret "Black Zero" appearance (note that X4's "Black Zero" is a cosmetic change only and has no enhanced abilities)
    All characters are fully powered up with all heart tanks and energy/weapon tanks. X (in the file utilizing the Fourth Armor) is equipped with the Plasma Charge Shot arm part. For all memory card files, the Data file slots are ordered in the following manner:
    • Data 1: Spaceport (Colonel)
    • Data 2: Final Weapon 1 (Double/Iris & General)
    • Data 3: Final Weapon 2 (Boss Rush & Sigma)