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Max Overload 1.61B1

FASTBOOT:Doesn't refresh gamelist on bootIf you delete/add a game hold B on boot to request a refresh AUTOSTART:Use START to load game and activate autostartHold START on boot to turn off autostartUse A to load game (does not activate autostart)AUTO-DLDI:Should now know if homebrew is prepatchedDONOR CARDS:Tap top left (SAVE PATCHING) to toggle donor cardsDUMP CARTRIDGE:Tap top right (DUMP CARTRIDGE) to backup your original gamesthere is a timeout if you don't insert your game quick enoughOn error there is a timeout, will return to frontendIf game doesn't start after dumping, power cycle the DSCONTROLS:Use thumb slide at bottom to scroll through games on CF cardUse D-Pad to scroll through gamesTap banners to move one or two positionsStart game by touching the middle banner or pressing button ADUC CONVERSION:Provide .duc file named same as game nameThis renames old .duc file to .OLDBACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL SAVE FILE IF YOU WISH TO KEEP IT
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