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Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (Japan) - Patch

There are two versions of the patches, if one does not work for you, try the other. If ou are using an R4, M3 Simply or an R4 clone and are still having problems after patching the game, use YSMenu. If you use have an AceKard, switch to the newest AKAIO firmware where the game works with no patches or cheats. If you use any other flashcard and are still having problems, try using an alternative firmware (Such as YSMenu) and see if that works.The patches are in the IPS format. To patch the game, simply use IPSWin or an alternative for your operating system and select a clean, unmodified version of Mario and Lugi RPG 3.If all else fails, activate both the patch and the cheat at the same time and see if that works.
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