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M3Sakura Make GUI

M3Sakura Make GUIv1.0by Logue file is a program for changing so that other hardwares may start the M3 Sakura firmware which cannot be started by any hardwares other than M3REAL and M3 Sakura.Usage:1, First, g6dsload in the system directory of M3Sakura is put into form.2, Click Execute button.3, A success of operations will output m3sakura.nds.4, Finally please apply a dldi patch to M3Sakura.nds each one, and copy to a memory together with a system directory.Original program by Rudolph. This program run also by Vista.This does not support X firmware. The M3Sakura firmware cannot perform starting of commercial ROM. However, it is if startnds.ext in somewhere is put into a SYSTEM folder...

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