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M3 Sakura-Vista Ultimatum 1

I know longer have enough time to work on this skin due to a lot of personally stuff.If anybody would like to continue from were I left of please PM me.Here is my Vista skin, it's taking a lot of time to finish it because i haven't got access to m3 sakura and therefor rely no others to post me bugs. enjoy and please leave a comment.Since i have made this skin there have been numerous others made in the same theme of vista.----------------------------Change log:Version 0.3 -Editited alot of things sorted out all known glitches-Everything is very pretty. :nds: -Big thanx to Strata8 for taking screenshots of it in actionVersion 0.2-Created my own single and double file icons.-Created my own long tap icons (the patching flower)-Created other various files.*-Various other edits and updates.#*New files created:-RP_WarrningMsg-RP_ConvertingMsg-LongTap_f0-LongTap_f7-Custom_TopMsg-Custom_BG-FL_BG_TopMsg-FL_Double_Icon_[Folder, GBAROM, NDSROM, Image, Skin, Sound, Text, Upfolder, and video]-FL_Single_Icon_[Folder, GBAROM, NDSROM, Image, Skin, Sound, Text, Upfolder, and video]#Edits, tweaks and updates:-ErrorDialogBG-Launch_BGTop-TV_Bookmark_LoadBGVersion 0.1-First release--------------------------------------------------------------------I will edit this page with every update.~Gangsterboi~Credit given to Strata 8 for some help and a few files.-Big thx!

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