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*M3 Sakura* DS OS 0.8

Okay, first of all.This is my first skin.Second.I know the Morning timer-like aplication (when standby with music on, or reading a document) isn't skinned yet (well, not totaly).But I just don't have any inspiration for it anymore.Also, I don't have it for the other stuff that still need to be editted.But it will all come tomorow, or the day after.Okay, now about the skin.When the Sakura was just hacked, I thought it would be a good idea to make a DS-OS-like skin.'cause on the Real firmware, I really loved it. (Can't remember who made it though)So, this is just a DS-OS themed Sakura skin.And make sure to check the movieplayer, it's my pride!Credit's go to Mercanary96, I used his first skin he made for sakura (the one with only 20% translated or something) as a "base".Hope you'll like it!Edit: Fixed a transparancy bug.

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