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Leaked Venom GBA Intro's

QUOTE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->GBA-Tool Version 1.5 by [NtSC]Cryption by r!sc and NoodleSpaKill-Intro: Replace starting Branch with Branch to Original start.Completely Zero out the Intro Bytes.Rip-Intro: Rip Intro gets any existing Intros and appends an Header if no onefound to make ripped Intro standalone GBA File.Special Support forRNC-Packed Files.Original Decrunch Routine is realigned.Also,a Code-Realigner was added for C-Files wich had absoluteAdresses inside.Rips all out Intros yet :>Pack-Intro: RNC-Propack Intro.RNC-Propacker is included in GBATool and will be extracted tolocal Directory @ Runtime and will be deleted after the packing!Link-Intro: Fixes Starting Branch + Insert Intro 0>.RNC-Packed Introsget fixed with an RNC-Decruncher modified by WayneKerr (Colour added!)Apply-IPS/IPS2: Applies IPS / IPS-Strip Files. IPS-Files that Append not supported yet.Create-IPS: Create IPS :>Branch[Start]: Grab first Bytes of Rom and check for Mirrors.Needs workout with a Debugger though.Add 1/2 MBit: for ROMS that do not offer any free SPace to append Hook/Intro.Ascii-Scan: Scan+Show Ascii-Texts in Rom.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Suggestions/Comments you can reach me at: greetz to : WayneKerr!!,jus,lordee,kdogg,Neimod,mfm,harlekin,aftermath,ennay,estrayk......PC-Favourite-Flushes: r!sc,NoodleSpa,^DAEMON^,Mr_Nop,G-Rom,EliCZ,MackT,KeyboardJunky,[Sheep],Jazz|Haujobb,.......-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[NtSC] --> 11-1-2002 ----------->
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