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Izuna 2:Return of the Unemployed Ninja

this save file is the bomb.cause i like have strong ppl in this game.i havent beaten this, but this game is less than 50% finished or a lot less.hey.if u dont have this game .download it first.then this.cause this game is a really good game.soo yeaa.when you download thisits gonna turn out sayingIzuna_2_The_Unemployed_Ninja_Returns_US_.SAVmake itIzuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns(US).SAVand make sure the GAME; not the save is calledIzuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns(US).ndsand if its not in a folder.just view your downloads.and right click this file on the downloads section.and then click 'view containing folder'then rename it to what i told you to.and then just drag it to your m3 or r4 or w.e you have. :nds:


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