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iMenu set-up files 1.0

This will download Colors and all of the necessary emulators for iMenu.

Just extract this to the root of your MicroSD card and let it overwrite everything it needs to.

This is for EOS 1.09 and iMenu beta 1.

This file was made as part of the guide to installing iMenu by Terminator02 which can be found here:

Exactly what is in this pack:

DSI2.nds is replaced with the correct file so that returning to the plug-in menu from moonshell works correctly

iPlayer (Supercard's movie and music player) v1.1:

NDSGBA (Supercard's GBA Emulator) v1.30:

iReader (Supercard's document reader/picture viewer) v1.12:

Lameboy DS (gameboy (color) emulator) v0.12:

ScummVM-a (point-and-click adventure game emulator) v1.2.1:

Colors (drawing application) v1.1:

FrodoDS Spinal build (Commodore 64 emulator) v1.0:

jEnesisDS (Genesis emulator) v0.7.4:

nesDS (NES emulator) updated 10/33/09:
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