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iMenu Background Skins Pack 1.0

just unzip this to the root of your microsd card after the basic set-up of iMenu is already completed

1. Open up the "*microsd card*/_iMenu/_images/Background Skins" folder and browse the different skins

2. In order to choose a skin, copy the "top_bk.bmp" and "lower_bk.bmp" of the skin you want

3. Place those 2 files into "*microsd card*/_iMenu/_images"

4. Allow them to overwrite (do not worry, all of them are saved in the Background Skins folder)

5. Start up your DSTwo and you should see your new skin. If you wish to choose another skin, just redo steps 1-4.

This file is part of a guide to setting up iMenu on your DSTwo and then skinning it, which can be found here:
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