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How to make m3sakura.nds and co-exist Sakura 1.12+ with Sakura 1.4x 1.0a

Instructions on how to make m3sakura.nds so that you could boot into Sakura 1.12+ from iTouch, Touchpod, R4iRTS on an English M3ZReal

also, how to make Sakura 1.12+ co-exist with Sakura 1.4x/Kaura and running off the game engine compatibility as Sakura 1.4x

1.0a Update 3/5/2010:
updated instructions on how to use m3sakura.nds to boot to Sakura 1.12+, Itouch, Touchpod in Kaura . all 6 firmwares in 1 menu (in Kaura choose misakura.nds and push Y to add it to the bottom box in the Main Menu) Top Box = NDS Game, Left box = Sakura 1.4x, Right Box = R4iRTS, Bottom Box = Sakura 1.12+, Touchpod, and iTouch.
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