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GTA: Chinatown Wars (90%+ Complete) 2.0

This has been updated because I've been trying to get as close to 100% as possible. I now know that 100& is not possible!
To completely complete the game, you need to download the final missions from Rockstar games, but WiFi doesn't work.

+ Story line is complete.
+ Game is more than 90% complete (96.16% to be exact).
+ No cheats at all have been used.
+ Current money is $1333541.
+ All unlockables have been unlocked.
+ All side missions complete.
+ All safehouses purchased.
+ Gold medal on all races.
+ Weapons: (all have max ammo)
-Revolver/Sword/Flamethrower/SMG/Double barreled shotgun/Carbine Rifle/Molotovs
+ If you ever need more money, just look at the case of dr*gs in the safehouse - there you'll see your answer!

Just replace the old .SAV file for GTA: Chinatown Wars with my one. But make sure they both have the same name! Rename like this:

GTA - Chinatown Wars.NDS < your game file
GTA - Chinatown Wars.SAV < your save file

It doesn't have to be named like that, whatever you name it, they both have to be the same.

FAQ: Why not 100%???
Like I said, the rom for this game doesn't let you have WiFi access, so you can't get the last mission from Rockstar. However, If I'm mistaken please message me on a fix for this so I can get 100% for you.

At the moment, I'm trying to get as close to 100% as possible. All that's left is achieving gold medal in the Rampages, and then it's complete.

If you have any advice/questions/requests comment!
Also, KEEP A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL .SAV FILE - I am not responsible for messed up .SAV files or corruption etc.
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