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Glockencord 1.1.2

The Mutant offspring of a Glockenspiel and a Harpsichord. Allows you to play the Glockenspiel using a keyboard or to play it automatically using a simulation of a punched paper roll.

Also supplied is a selection of rolls to play in automatic mode, a compiler to allow you to produce your own and a selection of documentation.

Please read the read-me file after unzipping the files.

If you create a music roll, please share it on FileTrip (please ensure that the keywords Glockencord Music Roll are included, so others can find it easily).

To install, unzip the contents, and copy the nds file to the desired location on your SD card. If you require the music rolls, copy the contents of the DATA folder to the /DATA folder of the SD card.

If you already have version 1.1.1 of Glockencord, you only need to install the new nds file (and, optionally the entertain.gcr and modified musicrolls.ini files).
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