GB USB Smart Card save extractor 1.2.1

extract or inject individual saves from a gb usb smart card sram dump

  1. Sakitoshi

    What is this?
    With this tool you'll be able to extract individual saves from an sram dump from a GB USB Smart Card 64M flashcart loaded with MottZilla's menu.

    Since version 1.1 you can also inject saves, so you are able to transfer save files from other devices into the flashcart with ease.
    However, this functionality is limited to replace an existing save, so you have to first run the game in the flashcart and power cycle your gameboy to allow the menu create the save and then transfer the sram to your pc to replace it.

    How to use:
    1. Open an sram dump from a GB USB Smart Card 64M with menu.
    2. Select if you want to extract a save or inject a save.
    3. Double click the save you want to extract/replace from the list.
    4. Done.
    Change log:
    - Initial release.

    - You can now inject saves to replace an already existing save.

    - Fixed a bug that broke save extraction.

    - Fixed a bug with the length of a variable that may result in save files not opening or saving.
    - Source code included.
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Recent Updates

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