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Gamester 1.0 (14/OCT/00)

Gamester (short for Games Territory) alters the CD image prior to recording, making the resulting copy appear to be from the territory of your choice. The main use of this is to allow use of CDs on consoles (such as the PSone) where the conventional "mod-chip" is unable to defeat the machine's territory protection.

GAMESTER c:\cd.bin /I
This will modify the CD image C:\CD.BIN, making it boot as a Japanese CD. The /J option will also do this.

GAMESTER c:\cd.bin /A
This will modify the CD image C:\CD.BIN, making it boot as an American CD.

GAMESTER c:\cd.bin /E
This will modify the CD image C:\CD.BIN, making it boot as an European CD.

These are a rough guide, as they are different depending on which version of CDRWIN you use. If you've never used CDRWIN before, read its user guide to find out more.

From the on-screen options, choose to Copy Disc
Choose to copy the CD to the hard disk - you don't write to the CD yet!
Choose a filename, eg. C:\CD.BIN
Read the CD
You should now have two files on your hard disk, eg. C:\CD.BIN and C:\CD.CUE
From a DOS prompt, run Gamester to modify the CD file, as follows:-

(if you want a Japanese CD)

(if you want an American CD)

(if you want an European CD)

In CDRWIN, choose to Record Disc
Click on "Load Cue Sheet"
Choose the cuesheet from the list, eg. CD.CUE
Click on "Start Recording"
When the writing process fails, the CD is done

Use DAO to read an image of the CD to the hard disk
Run GAMESTER with the /I, /A or /E options as described above
Use DAO to write the image to a blank CD
When the writing process fails, the CD is done

If you always save to the same file name (eg. C:\CDRWINXX.BIN) as the same territory (eg. Europe) you can set up a shortcut to "C:\GAMESTER.EXE C:\CDRWINXX.BIN /E" on your desktop.


Why is Gamester free?
Because, basically, anything by Xperience is free.

Can I use other copying software with Gamester?
Gamester can ONLY be used with CD copying software that uses the same .cue and .bin files as CDRWIN and DAO.

Why change the region on PlayStation CDs?
To allow playback of foreign CDs on consoles such as PSone, where the territory protection cannot be defeated with a normal mod-chip.

Does Gamester work on ALL PlayStation CDs?
Maybe, maybe not. If a game checks its own CD to see if it's been modified, it may spot the changes that Gamester has made and could refuse to run. Gamester is not guaranteed to work on all games.

Will it make foreign games work on my TV?
No, if your TV flickers, rolls or plays in black and white, it still will.

What are the future plans for Gamester?
GUI interface for people who don't understand MS-DOS.

Where can I get the latest version of Gamester?
If you obtained Gamester in some other way, please check the site out anyway, it's the only way we can find out how many users we have out there!

Employees of Microsoft or its subsidiaries are not permitted to use, possess or develop anything based on this software. If we want Gamester to be 40Mb in size, needing 64Mb RAM and a 1GHz Athlon to run, we'll get in touch.

This software should not be used to assist in the development of commercial copy protection that removes the ability to make single backup copies of an original CD. Software owners are entitled to make a single backup of any CD that they have a licence for, this software should not be used to violate this right.

Anybody not affected by the above clauses may copy, distribute and use this software by any means available to them.

Violation of this licence agreement may result in prosecution - you don't own this entire planet yet, Gates, so don't step on our toes.

Written by Scooby II of Xperience, using Turbo Pascal 6.0 by Borland.

This software was written without the use of any Microsoft application development tools or libraries. It's also fast, efficient and well-written. Bit of a coincidence, eh?

All trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.

Thanks to everybody who made this software possible - you know who you are.
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