Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard (JP) 2019-09-16

Maxed-out Save File!

  1. delta7890
    Front Mission - Gun Hazard006.
    Characters, weapons and equipment all fully leveled!
    Secret shop at Sydney, Australia unlocked in File-1.
    Secret ally Kagemitsu obtained in File-1 & 2!

    Save File Details:
    File-1: Saved at ATLAS Summit, ATLAS (final mission of the game!).
    File-2: Saved at Jose's Airport, Machu Picchu.
    File-1: Saved at Bergen Army HQ, Bergen (second visit).
    File-1: Saved at Beeg Army Base, Bergen (first visit).

    All files have all available characters, weapons and equipment obtained and fully leveled, plus full stocks of available supplies, ammo, and tons of money! Cheats were heavily used to assist in leveling.

    Best played with Aeon Genesis' English translation patch found here: