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Floral Attentive

Name: Floral AttentiveVersion: 1.0Date: 08/07/2009Category: M3 Sakura SkinsDetails=====As with my RevenG skin, I was upset to see a severe lack of feminine M3 skins (as I myself am female). 'Floral Attentive' is another simple skin in pink tones and cherry blossom prints. Install/Uninstall==========Simply copy anywhere on your micro SD card and load it by selecting it in the file list, then put mini_load.bmp directly into the SYSTEM folder.To uninstall, just delete the .skn file.History=====08/07/09 - Textures made09/07/09 - compiledContact=====You can find me on GBAtemp and OzModders forums under the username DesuChan.Tools Used=======Adobe Photoshop CS4MS PaintSakura Tools (English version)M3 Sakura Skin TesterLicensing/Legal==========This skin may not be repackaged and/or released in any way, in whole or in part, in original or modified form, without express permission. Please respect my wishes. As of the time of release, the only website with permission to host this skin is

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