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Flash Advance Toolkit 8

Must have for every Flash Advance fan! With this tool you can:

Remove intros - to save space on the card
Tim FF's and 00's - to save some more space
Multi-ROM Patch - to make games multirom compatible for the linker
EEPROM Patch - so you can save the progress in games that dont use SRAM .sav
Exit to Menu Patch - lets you exit to the boot/game selection menu without restarting gameboy advance or gba sp
IPS Patch - add a ips file with Trainers / Cheats / Patches or Translation for the rom
Read and Write ROM Header info - so you can chnge the internal rom name
EEPROM patch - why you sometimes need it - If you use older GBA Flash Cards like Flash Advance / FA Turbo / FA pro / Flash2Advance / WiseBox togater with an old software you will find that some of the games will not save correctly on the cartridge. That is caused by save game incompatibility.You need to patch the gba rom to use SRAM (the save memory used by most games and the one that you have in the flash card) instead of EEPROM or Flash save game memory.

How to use it

1. Choose an input and an output gba rom file.
2. Click Automatically Remove Intro, Automatically Trim FF's or Automatically Multi-ROM Patch.
3. If you did everything correctly and if there is an intro, there are FF's on the ROM, or if there is enough space at the end to multi-ROM patch the ROM then it should reply saying that everything was successful.

If you want to both remove an intro and trim the FF's from a ROM, then you have to them one at a time:

1. Choose an input and an output file.
2. Click on Automatically Remove Intro.
3. Change the input file to be the same as the output file.
4. Click on Automatically Trim FF's.

The same applies to all other double or even triple combinations.

Note: The input and output files can be the same. If they are,

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