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EFA LINKER II Driver 1G version (EFA Linker 512M compatible)

Just right-click on "download" and save it to you computer (I prefer to save it on my desktop screen). Unzip it and there you go. when you plug in your IG EFA Linker II, you get a pop-up window prompting you to install the driver for EFA Linker II, either automatically or manually, choose to install the driver manually and in the next window you have the "driver location box" just put the location of the driver where you saved your driver (preferrably on desktop) and click. All done, your EFA Linker II is ready to use. You will see the green light come on, in the EFA Linker II cartridge. Leave it plugged in for at least 8 hours before using it. Or if this procedure doesn't work let it charge in the usb port before even trying to install it. And by the way the Client.exe file used to write GBA roms to the cartridge comes in the zipped driver file. Just open the unzipped folder and look for "EFA_Client" exe. Good luck! :gba: :yaysp:
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