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e-Reader with Eon Ticket in Accessed saved data

I'm sure many of you Pokemon fans would like to get your hands on the Eon Ticket e-Card for Ruby and Sapphire. No, this isn't it to print out in hard form but it is the save file for the Eon Ticket.The e-Reader is a simply a GBA cartridge that can have save files backed up and restored to it.This save file, once restored using a homebrew like GBA Backup Tool by Rudolph will allow you to get the Eon Ticket then access to Southern Island in Ruby and Sapphire, NOT Emerald. I believe this save file works for all e-Readers except the Japanese one.The hardware you need to actually obtain the Eon Ticket in the game using this method includes:- 1x e-Reader- 1x DS Lite (not original or DSi)- 1x GBA Link Cable- 2x GBA gaming consoles (any but Game Boy Micro will need a special Link Cable)- 1x Slot-1 DS Flashcart

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