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DSoric 1.0

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to use DSoric :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOU MUST PATCH THE NDS FILE WITH THE DLDI PATCH BEFORE USING IT. You must patchthe nds file with the drivers compatible with your linker.Unzip DSoric.nds from the archive in a directory of your flash / (micro) SD / MMC card.Put your tap files where you want. That's all, DSoric can now be execute !When the emulator starts, click on the tape to choose a file. you use Up/Down to select a file, then use A to load it. Controls : * Keyboard with stylus * Direction pad : the direction keys ... * A : A key * B : B key * X : CONTROL key * Y : SHIFT key * X + Up and Down direction keys : screen move when the resolution is normal * R : CONTROL key * L : SHIFT key * START : Enter key * SELECT : Space keyYou can click on the DSoric logo to have the options menu.The option menu allows you to : - do a RESET of the emulator - switch between the Oric 1 / Oric atmos (RESET of the emulator !) - rewind the tape to the desired position (a tape file must be select) - save / restore the emulator state - save the keyboard configuration (a tape file must be select) - dsend a report to portabledev regarding the emulation (a tape file must be select) To load a file, click on the tape, choose a TAP file and tap afterCLOAD " and ENTER on the Oric keyboardSaves with the CSAVE command are going in the K7SAVE.TAP file

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