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DScovered Acekard SDHC Workaround 1.0

This is a workaround Xenon++ made for Moonshell 2.07+ to load commercial roms.
I have arranged it so it will work for Acekard 2.1 and 2i with SDHC cards (4gb minisd cards or higher).

I do not take credit for this! THIS IS ALL XENON++'S WORK! I AM JUST TELLING YOU HOW TO USE IT!

1. You must have Moonshell 2.07 or higher installed on your card.
2. You also must have the 10/03/2010 version of DScovered installed on your card.
3. For this to work, all of your NDS roms and SAV files must be in a folder named "nds" on the root of your minisd card.
4. Copy ALL the files from this package and send them to your minisd.
5. Make sure the folders merge with the existing folders, and the files overite the existing files.
6. Make an empty folder named "Games" on the root of your minisd card.
7. Run ndslink.bat in the root of your minisd card.
8. Now run DScovered.exe in windows, and set up your card using the games in the "nds" folder.
9. Now run DScovered.exe in windows one more time, but this time set up your card using the NDS files in the "Games"
folder. You'll have to apply the images to each rom one by one. Use the images you already installed into your
card from the first time you ran DScovered.exe in windows. They're located in the folder "d_system\covers"

Okay, now you should be able to load ROMs without a problem!

-Guide made by AAcrazyman
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