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DSBrowser v0.9

Version 0.9 is out! This is a complete rewrite due to an "uninstall" of original source (curse you uninst.exe). Alot of changes and improvements were made so take a look. I've tried to implement as many request features as possible. Thanks and hope you enjoy the update!

DualSlot Browser lets you copy and boot files to and from the filesystems available. That means if you have two FAT based flashcarts inserted, you will have access to both! With this boot feature you can boot into GBA mode or boot NDS homebrew files. The boot function Auto-DLDI patches for whatever filesystem its on. So if you boot a homebrew on the Slot-2 it will have access to the Slot-2 FAT. Also with the new MP3 Player feature you can build your own playlist or have DSBrowser search the available FAT for MP3s. All MP3s found will be added to a new playlist. MP3s can be played while exploring the apps features!

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