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Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies - Link (legend of zelda) Mortal .SAV 1.1

I made Link (legend of zelda) the hero of story.

All itens (no sure if there are all of them but I think 97% of them are there).
All armous, shields, swords and stuff like that...
All party about lv 40
principal skill lv 100 of each party member.
Max money.
Good stuff in bag to use in fight, if you lose HP or die that stuff will help you ;)

party members:
Ganon - yes that's Ganondorf! (I tried :P)
Me - Bruna
Tutty - my cat =^.^=

I left Mydna in the Inn but she doesn't look like her.

some of jobs are done, not all of them.
I hope you like it :D
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