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DPhone 1.0

iPhone clone for the DSOriginal Post @ PALib ForumsHello Community!Here is where I will post all my info on my project DPhone ( )Features to be implemented : -Phone (Author of SvSIP contaced me...) -Music Player -Text Editor (Finish it) -Settings (right hand - left hand setting)Done Features : -Customizable icons (Loading GIF's) -Maps -File browser -Calendar -booting functionality -Customizable main-screen BG -Plays *.RAW files from the file browser. -Plays *.SMF files (Spinal's Movie format) from the file browser. -GUI Clock courtesy of bug-fix by ThemePark. -Multi-Touch support (MLlib) used in picture viewer.Video #1 (File-broswer & movie playback) : because the video was out-of-dateSpecial Thanks - Themepark (some coding and other various help), Spannernick (For the idea), and finally the community and the developers of PAlib! PAlib RULES!!**Visit my website for more details**EDIT : I forgot to mention this but I may release a version of this for the NEO flash compo.. It all depends on what all I get done by then.

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