Donkey Kong: Super Mario Edition

Donkey Kong: Super Mario Edition 2.0

Donkey Kong: Super Mario Edition
Made by SDA (2019-2022)
Version 2.0
This was the first actual ROM hack I have ever made, not counting translations.

I first released it back in mid-2019 on, and despite getting a good success (not even hitting the 100 downloads mark) I felt it was too horrible due to very low effort on graphic editing and a mistake during one of Mario's hammer animation frames. Therefore, I removed the hack from download roughly 12 days later, two days after my birthday. An user would even leave a review after this happened.

Three years later, I worked back on this hack to fix all the issues the original release had and add some more graphic improvement/editing. And was it worth it! It doesn't look like a mere player sprite hack anymore now.

RHDN hack page (without download link)
It’s the first ever ROM hack made by S.D.A. that is not a translation, although it is very simple. Here, the Jumpman sprite is changed to the Mario sprite from SMB1.

This was made from the simple fact that if you notice, the Jumpman and SMB1 sprites (at least the walking sprite) are really similar. Here are the only changes:

Original Jumpman sprite replaced with the SMB one (except for the climbing and death-lying sprites which were intentionally left as they are, while for when the player picks up an hammer the graphics are simply modified). Hammer powerup is now changed to the SMB1 style.

Two patches are available, one for the 1983 ROM and the other for the “Original Edition” ROM (the one with the additional “Pie Factory” level).

August 5 update: Even if this hack was a success, S.D.A. hated it and so he took it down.
This hack will change Jumpman into Mario. The inspiration for this was the fact that Jumpman and Small Mario's sprites look very similar to each other when confronting them (apparently, Nintendo based the Small Mario sprite on Jumpman's when developing Super Mario Bros.).

Here's the full list of changes:

  • Jumpman is replaced with Mario, with some small tweaks wherever possible.
    • Walking, jumping and death (spinning) sprites have been directly ripped from Super Mario Bros.
    • Hammer, landing and death (lying on the ground) sprites have been modified manually
    • The climbing sprites have been intentionally left untouched as they already fit with the new aesthetic
  • Hammer is now changed to its Super Mario Bros. appearance (hammers thrown by Hammer Bros. in the game)
  • Score sprites have been changed
  • In-game font replaced with that of Super Mario Bros. (features a better drawn number "8" and a fixed "G")
  • Ending scene has been slightly modified.
All these changes have been ported to the "Original Edition" ROM as well, which was more tedious to edit due to the graphics being repeated multiple times in the ROM. What a joy. :glare:

ROM information
There are two patches in the ZIP folder, both in IPS format. One is for the 1983 ROM, while the other is for the "Original Edition" ROM found on some Wii consoles released in Europe only. This version, among with some other changes, restores the "Pie Factory" level from the arcade original.

1983 ROM:
No-Intro Name: Donkey Kong (World) (Rev A)
(No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
File SHA-1: D8DFACBFEC34CDC871D73C901811551FE1706923
ROM SHA-1: D222DBBA5BD3716BBF62CA91167C6A9D15C60065

2010 ROM:
File SHA-1: EE3603417CCB2058866B6C16396503609EF272AE
ROM SHA-1: A017A0A0AEE71FEA7BCFCB5D889E710516AB330C

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