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dlditool linux gui s0l1dsnak3123

This is an alternative GUI for Linux users, written in realBASIC by s0l1dsnak3123.

x86 CPU, X11

Download the Program, The right DLDI for your card, and of course the file you want patched.
Unzip the file, and run it. You should end up with a program that looks like this: Image of GUI
Click on the First Browse and find the Command Line version of the DLDI patcher. Double click on it.
Click on the Second Browse button and find the Location of the .DLDI file. Double click on this also.
Click on the last Browse button and find the Location of the File you want to patch.
Click on Patch, A Finished! message box should come up.
You're done! All that is left to do now is to copy to your card and enjoy :)
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