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If this driver doesn't work, the SuperCard (SD) driver may work instead.

Note from the author:
This my attempt at coding/adapting a DLDI driver for a SuperCard MiniSD Rumble (which, according to the original IO source code, _might_ work with other SD-based SuperCards like the MicroSD and standard SD SCs).
It took some time to adapt the routines to correctly handle unaligned reads/writes, as I had no debugging methods at all, and these were also my first steps in ARM Assembler coding.
I tested the driver with the latest dldi_tester.nds from Chishm and it worked 100% right for both reading and writing (aligned and unaligned).

So this is it... enjoy it, and wether it worked for you or not, drop me an email to [email protected] with as many technical details as possible.
In case it didn't work, also it might be good for you to try patching a "fresh" -non patched before, as I've seen some strange behavior when repatching it- dldi_tester.nds (the latest one, that checks for buffer misalignment issues also) and send me the results.

Guido Scalise (AKA BaRNi)
[email protected]
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