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dldi r4tf 2

This patch is for the R4 AND the M3 Simply
The R4 boot menu puts the R4 hardware into a state where this driver works. If you eject the R4 and reinsert it, the hardware will lose this state, and this driver will stop working until the DS is power cycled. This means that save backup tools such as eepinator and RAC, which copy saved data from the EEPROM or flash on a DS Game Card to an SD card, cannot work with R4.
Recent (1.10 and newer) versions of R4 firmware automatically patch the .nds file. If you will be using the R4 to start a program, but you want the program to read its files from a card in SLOT-2, you need to use a patcher that will destroy the DLDI signature so that the firmware doesn't try to re-patch it.
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